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I am a singer, writer and vocal coach living and working in Cheltenham embracing a portfolio career in my late fifties. 

I have spent much of my life working as a singer in a variety of genres and have had the privilege of collaborating with some wonderful creatives. From classical to jazz to soul and funk music, my career as a performer has been varied and exciting and is still going strong.

As a writer I have been working hard on a mix of projects and am still waiting to see my work in print. Having spent many years writing fiction and creative non-fiction, as well as coming close to being published, I continue to work on my craft. You can judge for yourselves - check out some pieces of flash fiction coming soon to this website.

At the same time, I have enjoyed the challenge of raising three children (now in their twenties and thirties) with my husband of thirty-two years. I've recently battled with cancer and am happy to say I have kicked it's butt. I feel incredibly lucky to have had so many wonderful life experiences and met so many interesting and life-affirming people along the way. I admire brave women who are not afraid to use their voice and I aspire to be one.  

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