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I am an author, singer and singing teacher living and working in Cheltenham embracing a portfolio career in my late fifties. 

As an author I have been working for many years on a variety of fiction and non-fiction projects, and am very happy to have been recently signed by Rachel Mills Literary (RML). The first “book” I wrote I sent to a publisher friend of my parents’. I was six. She let me down gently. Fifty-one years later I’ve realised it really is never too late to see one’s childhood dreams take shape. Watch this space for the launch of my debut project and for news on future publications. 

I have spent much of my life working as a musician and have had the privilege of collaborating with some wonderful creatives. At the same time, I have enjoyed the challenge of raising three children (now in their twenties and thirties) with my husband of thirty-two years. I feel incredibly lucky to have had so many wonderful life experiences and met so many interesting and life-affirming people along the way. I admire brave women who are not afraid to use their voice and I aspire to be one. I believe in being kind, creating opportunities for others, and being authentic and genuine. Books I have loved are too many to name, but some of my favourites have been The Poisonwood Bible, Small Island, When God Was a Rabbit, Elizabeth is Missing, Jane Eyre, Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal, Middlemarch, Normal People, Educated, Untamed…. Did I mention there were too many to name?

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